What is 5iler?

5iler (pronounced ‘filer’) is a notepad for the rhythm of your mind.

Tired of living my life in 20+ TextEdit windows and 100+ Evernote documents, I realized that all I really needed was an app which lets me work with 5 simple, repurposable "files".

You can organize your files using colors and customizable labels, and repurpose them to fit the contexts relevant to you at a given time. Unlike most other text editors, 5iler's working space is limited — so things remain maintainable.

There are two ways to use 5iler: as a web app or as a desktop app for the Mac.
As for right now, it doesn’t have a backend or user accounts. Unless you setup Dropbox syncing, it keeps your data 100% private by only storing them locally in your browser's local storage.

If you use 5iler, I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Important note
If you use the web app and haven't setup Dropbox syncing, keep in mind that 5iler uses your browser’s local storage, so you will lose all your data if you clear your browser's cache. You don't need to worry about this if you use the Mac app or sync with Dropbox.

Happy 5iling!

- Sid Yadav (Twitter)

Send feedback and suggestions to hello@5iler.com.
Follow 5iler on Twitter for updates.


Release history

  • v1.4 — 27 June 2014
    WYSIWYG/Markdown editing
  • v1.3 — 18 June 2014
    Critical Dropbox syncing fixes
  • v1.2b — 17 June 2014
    Archive notes
  • v1.2 — 16 June 2014
    Dropbox syncing
    Speed tweaks
    Reset notes
    New shortcuts
  • v1.1 — 13 June 2014
    Keyboard shortcuts
  • v1 — 10 June 2014
    Initial release